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Album Release Date December 25,2016


Angel - M.Class Dias
Shake - M.Class Dias
Clubbin - M.Class Dias





I Am

M.Class Dias
M. Class Dias is a Canadian recording artist, songwriter and producer. In 2011, he produced and wrote his first album called “Visions” which featured the hit song and music video "Clubbing". All songs from the album were inspired by M. Class’ own life experiences.
The concept of dreams, love and courage to overcome challenges was a central theme throughout and his creative music and melodies were well received in the US, Brazil, Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2012, M. Class’ released two more videos from his album, the club hit song "Shake" and his anthem of love R&B ballad called "Angel".
M. Class Dias enjoys performing in various shows in the city. His most recent shows was paying tribute to Michael Jackson at The Maja Prentice Theatre and at Celebration Square in Mississauga for the Ontario Arts Council Singing his very own "Field of life". In 2014, M. Class’ released his single and video he directed called "Bikers" and in 2015 he put out the inspiring song called "Piece of my Heart".
M. Class is currently working on his latest album “Become” and released his summer jam called “Summer Beat” co-produced by Juno award winner Lonnie Szoke, who has worked with Drake, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Sizzla and Keisha Chante.
M. Class Dias continues to create innovative and inspiring music to the world.

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