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License M.Class Dias' Songs

Use M.Class Dias' original compositions for your productions. From Audio projects, Film sync, Sampling and more. 


Please see available licensing and pricing options for M.Class Dias' creations below.


Please contact us if you require a custom license or specific song for your project requirements. 

Check out our selection of original songs for various licenses located in the player below. Please note before purchasing any license, registration will be required for licensee details.




  • Audio Projects - Audio books, motivational tapes, audio guides, commercial podcasts, etc. This license is for music in audio projects, such as books on tape, motivational tapes, audio guides for art exhibits, commercial podcasts. 


  • Corporate, Theater and Competition - Small commercial licensing for performance. Licensee has the non-exclusive right to synchronize the track in timed relation with other audio and/or visual elements within a production or to use the original sound recording for purposes of business-related viewing, meetings, corporate videos, employee orientation, in-house or training videos. 


  • Film Sync - License Music For a Movie Production. This license is for any video or film project which will be shown in theaters. If your project will not appear in theaters, a "video" or "single units" license is what you need. 


  • Public space (restaurants, Trade shows, Retail spaces) - License Music for Public Space (Restaurant, Trade Show, Art Gallery, etc.) 


  • Radio Ad or Production - License music for radio advertising or radio show production. This license is for music mixed into a radio advertisement or radio show intended for public broadcast.


  • Sampling, Remixes, Covers and Derivative Works - License Music for Sampling & Remixes. This license permits you to use any number of audio samples from a song to create a new song of your own. You can also make remixes, mash-ups or other derivative works.


  • Telephone or Music On Hold - License music for telephone systems, music on hold. This license allows you to play an album of ours through your telephone system (PBX) as music-on-hold, or any other use through your telephone system.


  • TV Advertising - License music for Television Advertising. This license is for music used in a television advertisement for public broadcast. 


  • TV Show Sync License - Music license for TV. This license is for music used in a television production for public broadcast. 


  • Video (Music for Video, DVD or CDROM) - License Music For Video, DVD or CDROM. This license is for any video, powerpoint, slide or film project which will not be shown in theaters, but may be sold. If your project has very limited distribution (ie, a wedding video) a "single units" license will probably be less expensive. If your project is a film appearing in theaters, you need a "film" license


  • Custom License - Please describe your project and intended usage, and then send your quote request. For example, you may request a license for multiple tracks/songs, multiple licenses to be used for one track or multiple licenses to be used for various (multiple) tracks. Your inquiry will be reviewed and replied to as soon as possible.

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