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M.Class Dias

You'll never know who you'll meet, when you pursue your dreams! 

M. Class Dias is a Canadian musician, recording artist, singer, songwriter and producer. In 2011, he produced and wrote his first album called “Visions” which featured the hit song and music video "Clubbing". All songs from the album were inspired by M. Class’ own life experiences.


The concept of dreams, love and courage to overcome challenges was a central theme throughout his creative music and melodies were well received in the US, Brazil, Europe, Africa and Asia. In 2012, M.Class released two more videos from his album, the hit club song "Shake" and his anthem of love R&B ballad song "Angel".


In 2016 M. Class released his latest album “Become” along with his summer jam called “Summer Beat” guided by Juno award winner Lonnie Szoke, who has worked with Drake, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Sizzla and Keisha Chante.


Currently M.Class has released three single's "Victorious", "Movin on up" and "I'll Give you the world" from his next album "Reality"; with guidance from Inaam Haq Grammy winner for Bruno Mars' Record of the year "Up Town Funk". 


M.Class continues to create more Inspiring songs, by pushing the limits to prove to the world that vision's do become a reality.

So follow musician M.Class Dias on the social links below, for new music and music video releases!
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