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How M.Class Dias Creates 


How I create Music 

How I create Music 


When I create music as a producer, I normally get inspired by my own personal experiences. This track "Field of Life" was created from the biggest realization of my life and I hope you get inspired.


So below are the transitions I went through to creating this song "Field of Life" and the third stage is not the final product. Take a listen to each stage in order and then watch the music video as it is the final product.


This Song is called "Field of life" which I created in 2013.

Stage 1

Stage one was comprised of putting together the melody, drums, bass etc, from the sounds and instrumentations I would hear and picture in my mind.  I would then create the track with the various instruments and eventually make improvements along the way. Take a listen to stage 1. 

Field of life stage 1 - M.Class Dias
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Stage 2

In this stage I felt like the track needed to be a bit more softer at the beginning, along with a background vocal added to emphasize the beginning of the song. Here is stage 2.  

Field of life stage 2 - M.Class Dias
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Stage 3

Stage 3 was almost like the finishing touches on a cake. Mind you all these stages took time and did not happen according to these stages listed. In this third stage I felt like the song needed an earthly element, to really make the listener feel present; so I added the sound of rain . Take a listen to stage 3.

Field of life Stage 3 - M.Class Dias
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How I create Music

Final Product

So here is the final product of the song "Field of life" and on a side note, this production was filmed by me; as the cost of filming a music video was too much at the time. This experience in turn helped me film all my other music videos


The creation process normally lasts a couple of months for each song, which includes inspiration, creation, vocal tracking, editing, mixing and finally mastering. 

If you'd like to hear the most recent creation of this Journey, Click me to listen now!


Here are some pics of me in the studio, laying down vocal tracks for "Field of life". Being in the studio allowed me to learn a lot, like layering vocals, mic placement and much more. Special thanks goes to Waleed D for all his help and guidance in my musical journey.  

M.Class Dias tracking vocals for his song "Field of Life".
M.Class Dias tracking vocals at Atlas Sound. Year 2012.
M.Class Dias at Atlas Sound with recording engineer Waleed Deyab.

Waleed Deyab

Atlas Sound

M.Class Dias at Atlas sound in 2012

This is my current studio.

M.Class Dias' Current Studio. Year 2018
Final Product
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