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M.Class Dias'  


Vocal Coaches

I wouldn't have made it this far, with out the guidance from my vocal coaches. Special thanks goes out to these awesome individuals.

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Alexis Martinez 

Alexis Martinez was my very first vocal coach who brought out my voice and sound. training me, guiding me and encouraging me to pursue my dream for more than 2 years. I am glad he was a part of my journey and also a part of my music video Angel . He truly is a talented vocalist & musician.

Paula Griffith.png

Paula Griffith 

I decided to train with Paula, to further increase my learning and vocal skills. Paula is considered one of the top vocal coaches in Canada. Paula was vocal coach to Y.T.V.'s #1 hit reality show 'The Next Star' and was personal vocal coach to Daniel J. Gordon; star of Global television's 'Da Kink in My Hair'.   


Elaine Overholt 

To polish off my vocal skill set, I visited Elaine for advice and guidance. Elaine established herself as one of North America’s most respected and treasured singers, voice/performance coaches and vocal producers, having performed with and instructed celebrities of music, film and theatre, including names such as Shawn Mendes, Travolta, Latifah, Pfeiffer, Gere, Zeta-Jones, Zellweger, Sharon Lois & Bram and Ellen DeGeneres.  

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