M.Class' Hat & Jacket

My Signature Hat

Creating this hat was pretty challenging and expensive. Challenging because I had to first figure out the style and positioning of my stage name on the hat. Expensive because of the Swarovski crystals itself and the labour it  took to place each crystal individually by hand.   

After completing the 1st album "Visions" I decided I needed something different for the next upcoming of singles. I was about to schedule a photoshoot when an idea of placing my logo on the back of my jacket came to mind. So I put the photoshoot on hold and decided to get it done.  

So here is the logo embroidered along with my initials but before I press on further, let me tell you something. If you can envision something and you believe in it, you can actually make it a reality by taking the first step. 


This idea was exactly what I had in mind and it turned out great. The next step was placing the Swarovski crystals which was a whole lot of fun.


That's me being sarcastic by the way, it took me 5 hours to place each individual crystal on the jacket . Let the bedazalling begin. 

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