Head line: My Journey into the  Unknown

My Journey

I started Singing, Songwriting & producing since January 2009, but it was actually at an early age when I discovered music, joined a band with a couple of buddies in elementary school playing the drums and then further pursuing my passion for music. 


I had a Gut feeling to pursue my dream which meant turning down job offers and walking down a path never taken before. I decided to take vocal lessons because I knew I had to and began my journey as a singer, songwriter and producer.


This is how I began my Journey.



After approximately a year of vocal training, I started to write some lyrics to some beats which I created. It was then I created my Very first Album Visions  recorded in 2012.
Now before you preview some samples, I just want to let you know that I intentionally left out three songs which are Shake, Clubbin and Angel. These songs are really special to me, so don't worry you'll see why after you preview some samples from my first album "Visions".


When Creating my first album I was really excited to be in a studio for the first time, which in turn challenged me to use vocal techniques and face my first fear....the studio microphone (insert intense horrific sound here lol ).


Here are some samples of my first Album. 
Visoions Album Cover.jpg

1. Shake: Special song

2. Clubbin: Special song

3. Impossible


5. Angel: Special song

6. Sexy Girl

7. Dreams

8. Hoppin

9. Life

10. Nobody

My first album was a huge learning curve for me, it helped me grow, learn, face my first fear of singing in front of the microphone and the most important thing of all; is the fact that I have something to leave behind in this amazing world for you and everyone to enjoy.



Now you may be asking "Hey M.Class Dias what about those other three songs Shake, Clubbin and Angel ?" . "Why are they so Special ?"...
Keep scrolling down :)


So Now Let me explain as to why these three songs are very special to me. Lets begin with the first song Clubbin. This was my very first music video. I will never ever forget this day as I was first of all, really, really  nervous, really excited to be on set and finally to actually have my song Clubbin come to life. So here is Clubbin my very first music video.    
The next Song is Shake. This song was the very first song that came into my head, which I started to beat box before actually producing it. During this video shoot I was a bit more comfortable, because I knew what to expect based on the experience gained from the first shoot.
Here it is ...my second music video Shake.
Now the third Video was very special because this song was by and dedicated to my soulmate and my best friend.
This is Angel. 
After some well spent hard earned $$$$$$. I knew I had to face my next biggest fear and that is performing in front of a crowd.


So this was the biggest hurdle and fear which I had to overcome. The first couple of words that rushed through my head right  before a performance was and I am going to be really honest "What the F%$^ am I doing ?" or "just say your sick and you cannot perform". What did I do ? you ask........ HAHAHAHAHAH ( I laugh nervously ) I did what no normal person would do. I just jumped in and said " F&*! it ", I don't want to live my life with regrets. I made mistakes, I learnt from them and the best part of it all, after I performed and faced my fear; I realized that it wasn't all that bad.
Check out some of my performances.
Open Mic
Michael Jackson Tribute
Field of Life performance


I hope you got to know a bit more about me and my journey. Most importantly it's YOU, the listener, that makes this whole journey matter and worth while.
I look forward to many more memories and experiences created along this musical journey. Here's to hoping that you are part of this journey.
If you'd like to hear my most recent creations, Click me to listen now!
Yours Truly 
Marvin Dias
(M.Class Dias )
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