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How did I come up with my logo?

Well as you can see from the picture, anytime I had an idea for a logo that came to mind. I would sketch it down on a sticky note or some scrap pieces of paper. I knew what I wanted as a part of my logo using my characteristics as a musician and it was the initials of my stage name M.Class Dias.

M: Marvin my first name, C: Cause I like to be and stay classy & D: Dias  my last name. Trying to find a perfect design was tough because I wanted a logo to suit my characteristics and style.   

After trying to figure out the different styles and designs, I finally came up with this logo. I used a Microsoft paint program, a program some of you might know; since its pretty ancient. It took me 4 - 7 hours of trying to make this rough design of my logo to my liking. As you can see I tried my best but I was pretty happy with the outcome.

Then with the help of a great friend who I will never forget, he took the time to help me out and polished the logo up for me, an end product logo which you see here. This is my signature logo which is now a part of my company and brand.

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