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Chapter  37

Time flies

Time passed as we were busy buying the essentials, selling or getting rid of the things we couldn't take to Canada . "Boys finish up whatever it is you are doing, we will be having Lunch soon" dad stated, closing our room door behind him. It was mid afternoon and we only had two more months until the big move. "Let's go have lunch" big bro stated stopping the task he was trying to complete. We got up and headed over to the dining table and to our surprise found Mom, Dad and baby bro already seated at the table, patiently waiting for me and big Bro.  There was
Silence in the air at the dining table which only meant one thing. Something was up. "Boys have a seat" dad advised. "We will be going to Pakistan to see your Grandma, my mother" dad stated with a smile. Me and big bro looked at each other and pondered on the thought of having two totally different Grandma's of different cultures and origin's, in different parts of the world. "We will only be going for a week, our time is fast approaching to move to Canada; so I want to meet my mom and you boy's to meet your grandma" dad stated while eating his lunch. "What about mom ?" Big bro asked, "Mom will be staying
At home, the price for the tickets was too much for all of us to go dad advised. A sense of excitement grew in us as we were curious to meet our other grandmother. "What about our grandfathers ?" I asked the question not knowing the real true answer. "They both passed early" dad advised, "but you and your big brother, have met both of your grandmas when you were really little, to young to remember" dad added. "When should we start packing ?" big bro asked in excitement. "Well we will be leaving 
For Canada in two months, so we will be flying out next week" dad stated. Me and big bro looked at each other amazed at how soon we would be flying out & baby bro remained clueless as to what was about to take place. "Ok boys lets get your suit cases and we will begin packing" mom advised. Me and big bro went to  our room and grabbed the two large suit cases from he cupboard and laid it flat on the floor. "You boys will only be going for a week so the three of you including dad will share the suit cases" mom advised. Dad and 
Big bro will share one, you and baby bro will share another one together" mom stated beginning to pack baby bro's clothes. We spent the remainder of the afternoon packing our designated suit cases and night soon fell. "Ok boys hopefully you have whatever it is you need for the trip, let's order in some food" dad stated realizing that majority of the afternoon had been taken up packing up suit cases. Ordering in was always a treat for us as we didn't do it too often. "Let's order in some Kentucky Fried Chicken" dad advised. Excitement
Started to build up in big bro, me & baby bro, looking forward to the delicious fried chicken with fries coleslaw & macaroni salad. " Ok boys let's finish up here and go pick up the food" dad advised. We quickly began sorting out extra clothes that didn't need to packed and placed them back in the cupboard. " Wow I've never seen you boys work this fast" mom stated with a big smile. Big bro was especially excited as he always has a big appetite for food, he was a lot taller and bigger compared to me and baby bro. "Ok boys get ready and let's go" dad advised the three of us to do so. We quickly changed our clothes 
And headed out the door with dad, our hunger at the thought of the delicious chicken made our appetites grow even more. Me and big bro took the stairs as usual and baby bro was stuck as usual taking the elevator with dad. We ran down the stairs in a hurry as our appetite grew with the thought of the delicious take out food floating in our heads. We reached the lobby and waited for a few minutes before dad and baby bro arrived. "Ok boys lets go" dad stated as he and baby bro exited the elevator; dad could sense the excitement in all of us. We began walking towards the car but noticed something out of the ordinary. "Dad 
Where is the car?" Big bro asked in a concerned tone thinking the car may have been stolen. " The car is gone now boys and has been sold to a new owner" dad stated with a smile. At that point big bro, baby bro and I were all quiet as it was very obvious that the big move was really close by. "How are we going to get the food ?" Big bro asked in a monotone voice. "I have the company truck" dad advised with a smile as we walked over to a big white pickup truck in the parking lot. Dad noticed that the excitement in us for the delicious
ENTRY MARCH 12,2016 
Chicken was somewhat diminishing and he knew that the closer the big move got; most of our personal items will find their way to their new owners. As we got closer the big white truck got bigger and bigger, sitting in a truck was something I always wanted to experience sitting in. "Boys you are not going to sit in the front with me in the truck, you are going to sit in the back except for baby bro he is too young" dad advised. Me and big bro became excited, climbed into the back of the pick up truck and sat on the seats right next to the tail gate for a thrilling ride. Dad knew that would re spark our excitement right away but not so much for baby bro as he was taken to the front seat 
Of the pickup truck. "Ok boys hold on tight" dad advised me and big bro, sliding the glass door of the drivers cab. "We are ready" big bro and I replied in unison, excited for the new ride experience. Dad kept the glass window of the drivers cab open to keep a close eye on me and big bro using the rear view mirror. Dad started the engine and began driving the pickup slowly out of the sand covered parking lot. "This is amazing" big bro advised with a big smile on his face, I was equally excited watching all the dust fly up from the back of the truck as we moved ahead. Sitting right at the tail gate was
A different experience for me and big bro as it was something that was never done before. We also both knew that this was something mom would never would have approved of, this made everything even more thrilling. As dad drove through the streets towards the final destination, the famous KFC restaurant; me and big bro were creating memories that very moment. I took a quick look into the cab of the pick up truck and saw the sad look of baby bro looking directly at us; not being able to experience the different perspective of the truck. "Ok boys 
We are here" dad stated engaging the parking brake of the truck. Me an big bro slowly dismounted from the pick up truck happy and thrilled from the experience. " Did you boys enjoy that ?" Dad asked with a smile, Me and big bro both nodded in agreement while baby bro had a look of anger and disgust at the fact he didn't get to experience the thrilling ride. "Make sure you do not tell mom, she would be really mad' dad advised with a grin on his face. As we were walking the aroma of the KFC chicken caught our senses and we 
began to feel hungry. "Here it is" dad stated opening the doors to the KFC restaurant. The aroma got stronger and stronger as we walked into the KFC restaurant and we stood in line to order the food. "Boys we will be leaving this place soon for a better life in Canada, it will be a big change for the better" dad advised. "So make sure to make the most of it while you all are here" dad advised. We all knew that big changes were coming soon and when they do we would all have to embrace it. 
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