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Wait ! Before you use your coupon code

Thanks so much for ordering my album, but Before you use your coupon code (COUPON CODEYOUAREAWESOME) I’ve got something very special I’d like to share with you…

I have been a musician for nearly my entire life, and as you can imagine, I have written and recorded many songs, performed live and amassed mountains of behind the scenes footage, posters, artwork, lyric sheets, and the list goes on…


I have a file cabinet where I have promised myself I would keep a copy of everything I have ever done. Every song, every press clipping, everything. I can’t tell you how often I’ll get an email from a fan asking for a particular track that they heard “back in the day”, only to spend hours digging through that file cabinet of mine to hunt for the poorly labeled master, burn a copy, and send it off.

That’s when I decided it was time to digitize everything and create an online VIP Fan page archive! In that archive I currently have songs, behind the scenes videos, unseen artwork, lyric sheets, and more. In this archive you get to listen to everything from my very first demo recordings when I first started, all the way up to unreleased tracks recorded fro my most recent album. It’s my entire musical journey, documented, and shared in one private members area. And I plan to add new material all the time. This is basically my life’s work as a musician, up to this point.


In addition to the archives I’ve also created an online Novel "Awakening to my purpose", which I update every Sunday, first access to new music, and more. All Access Pass members will also get discounts on shows, albums and just all around VIP treatment and access.

And I’d like to let you have access to all of it!


Now if you just took the retail value of this collection it would cost well over $100 for the contents alone. That’s not to mention the unreleased videos, previews, discounts, and events. And remember, much of this material is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE!


However, as a THANK YOU for ordering my albums, I want to offer you access for just a fraction of the normal price.


As a special ONE TIME OFFER you can get access to my entire archive for just $29.95 per year.And once more, you also get access to discounts, behind the scenes footage, and more.


Perhaps more importantly, by signing up for the All Access Pass you’ll be helping to support the recording and release of future albums and tours.

Here’s a recap of what you’ll get instant access to if you sign up for the VIP FAN PAGE ALL ACCESS PASS:

  • Contests. 
  • Discounts on new Releases
  • Previews of singles prior to getting released. 
  • Viewing new music videos before public launch.
  • Behind the scenes footage. 
  • Novel based on my journey in the past and present time.  
  • And much more which I can't really tell ya because its a VIP FAMILY SECRET lol :P. 
  • Each time VIP Lounge gets updated with new information an email will be sent to you, so make sure you don't forget your login details.

Everything is hosted inside of a private members area where you will be able to listen, view and (in most cases) download links for the material. You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS within 24h once payment is verified by an M.Class team member.

And just because I want to make certain everyone is happy with their purchase, I also after a COMPLETE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for 30 days. If the All Access Pass is not what you expected for any reason, just shoot me an email within 30 days and you’ll receive a complete refund.

Now I realize this is probably not for everyone. If my album was a gift, or perhaps just a casual purchase, than this special offer may not be for you.

However if you are a fan of my music and would like to help support me as an artist while getting one heck of a deal, then rest assured this is a great opportunity to load up on some very special content at a price that you WON’T see again.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: This enormous discount I’m offering on all of the above is a ONE TIME OFFER. The All Access Pass is not currently available anywhere else, and once you close this page this special price will be gone for good.

So if you’d like to get access to unreleased videos, audio interviews, live online events, discounts, and a whole lot more, click the order button you see below now!

Marvin Dias

M.Class Dias

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